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Sean Murphy and the rest of the leadership team bring decades of diverse experience and expertise to their positions at CNET Content Solutions. For biographies of individual team members and contact information, please click below.

Sean Murphy - Vice President and General Manager

Sean Murphy, Vice President & General Manager, manages all business initiatives and aligns people and processes across CNET Content Solutions worldwide. Sean is also the General Manager for CNET Download.com. Prior to managing CNET Content Solutions and Download.com, Sean oversaw corporate sales for CNET Networks, Inc., where he helped manage a team responsible for CNET Networks' top accounts. Sean has held senior positions in the online media industry, most notably at IDG where he spent 4 years as east coast director for PC World online and prior to that spent 3 years as west coast director for PC World online. Sean holds a BA in English from the University of Oregon.

Eric Lundin - Vice President, Global Sales

Eric Lundin, Vice President of Global Sales, is responsible for leading global sales teams as well as developing and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers. Previously, he served as director of global manufacturer sales at CNET Content Solutions where he focused on identifying the needs of manufacturers and delivering solutions to meet their needs. He was also regional sales manager at Apollo Solutions, a supplier of Web-based sales cycle automation solutions to resellers. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont.

Tony Solliday - Vice President, Global Operations

Tony Solliday, Vice President of Global Operations, is responsible for managing all data production operations, customer service and overseas operations. He is also responsible for global operations of CNET‘s Download.com division. He has more than 12 years experience in the IT channel and has managed several groups at CNET including customer service, technical support, data production facilities, engineering and outsourced vendors. Prior to joining CNET Content Solutions in 2001, Tony was a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy. Tony holds a BS degree in Political Science from the United States Naval Academy.

Debbie Andrews - Vice President, Global Products & Marketing

Debbie Andrews, Vice President of Global Products & Marketing, is responsible for the planning, development, engineering and marketing of CNET Content Solutions products. She leads a team that works closely with Client Solutions, Sales, and Support to deliver and support market-driven products that solve business issues for customers. Prior to joining CNET Content Solutions, Debbie jointly owned and managed an IT services and software company for 10 years, which was acquired by CNET Networks in 2000. Since then Debbie has held product-focused positions within CNET Content Solutions from industry marketing to product management. Debbie graduated from Rogers State University and Ambassador University with degrees focused in Computer Science and Business Administration. Debbie also pursued an MBA at California State University, Los Angeles.